How I Can Help You

Relationship Challenges Can Be Resolved


As a Christian counselor, I will evaluate the circumstances that led you to counseling and provide a constructive plan to achieve your relationship goals. This process will equip you with the necessary tools to establish relationships that are fulfilling, loving, supportive and stronger with healthy emotional boundaries.

The challenges of life which produce inner turmoil, anxiety, stress, lack of communication and inability to forgive are addressed in our sessions. These byproducts of fear based thoughts and beliefs sabotage intimacy and hinders good relationships.  


I'll provide insightful feedback and direction to help you resolve challenges that have been a barrier to lasting joy, contentment and peace. The results of our sessions will be greatly improved relationships.

In our sessions, you will gain deeper insight into your motivations and behaviors in your intimate relationships and how to make changes which will lead to achieving your goals in love.


I will teach you how to resolve past negative behaviors such as blame, criticism, withdrawal and rejection and replace those habits with ones that lead to the emotional and spiritual connection you desire in your most intimate relationships.


You will be equipped with proven tools to experience joy, contentment and fulfillment in your closest relationships.


Contact Me

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Nancy Pina, Licensed Christain Counselor

60 D Briar Hollow Ln.

Houston, Texas 77027


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