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How I Can Help You

Relationship Challenges Can Be Resolved


As a Christian counselor, I will evaluate the circumstances that led you to counseling and provide a constructive plan to achieve your relationship goals.


This process will equip you with the necessary tools to establish relationships that are fulfilling, loving, supportive and stronger with healthy emotional boundaries. I look at not only relationship patterns, but the whole picture: emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health for optimal change to improve your quality of life and love.

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Counseling Specialties

Specializing in Relationship Counseling

Dating Preparation
Spiritual Foundation
Marriage  Counseling
Nutritional/Emotional Healing

The goal in our sessions will be getting back to the basics of establishing mutual trust, love and respect.  Equip your marriage with valuable tools to strengthen unity, improve communication and regain that connection.

Shared faith is the most important foundation of your relationship and should be the primary factor you explore when considering a commitment. Learn how you can grow in spiritual discernment in your life and relationships.


I can help you navigate not only the proper dating process, but also advise you on how to prepare yourself for meeting the right one and stop the cycle of relationships that do not get you to the goal of commitment and marriage.

My goal is to help you create not only better relationship patterns, spiritual depth and understanding, but also optimal nutritional health for stable mental and emotional functionality. With a strong physical, emotional and spiritual foundation, you can have stable, lasting and loving relationships.


Contact Nancy

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Contact Nancy here:

Thank you for taking this first step toward a better relationship and I will contact you directly.

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