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My approach to resolving relationship challenges is to address the whole person spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It is never one particular circumstance that leads to discontentment in a relationship, just as each person is a compilation of their upbringing, biases, life experiences and expectations. 


In my counseling sessions with you in an individual session or in couples counseling, I prefer a well-rounded approach for success.  With those clients who are open to this input, I assess lifestyle and nutritional choices, which many times contribute to other life stressors and greatly affect relationships. What you eat does affect your moods and poor dietary choices can lead to a wide variety of mental and emotional health issues such as depression and anxiety. The goal of our time together is to create a strong life foundation to build healthy relationships. One key aspect of seeing tremendous change relationally is incorporating better lifestyle and nutritional habits for emotional stability and mental clarity.  Better relationship habits have a greater chance of longevity in combination with nutritional improvements.  


In my research on mental health and nutrition, I have discovered that a standard Western diet consisting of processed foods, refined sugars and high carbohydrates leads to not only multiple physical issues, but also affects the structure and functionality of the brain. This in turn does contribute to mood swings, unhealthy behaviors, and negative thoughts. No study shows that a standard Western diet is good for mental health. Multiple studies do show a correlation between a diet high in refined sugars and impaired brain function, and a worsening of mood disorders such as depression.  An unhealthy diet can easily make relationships more difficult due to emotional mood swings, higher levels of stress and a breakdown in communication.


My goal is to help you create not only better relationship practices, spiritual depth and understanding, but also physical healing and optimal nutritional health for stable mental and emotional functionality. Our feelings are enhancements to life and should not be the gauge that runs life decisions. When you are nutritionally healthy, you have an even better foundation to build your life, heal emotionally, grow spiritually and adopt better relationship patterns and behaviors for fulfilling relationships.

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