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Reviews and Testimonials

Ingrid Sanders

Nancy has a special ability to get to the heart of what really makes relationships tick. She can help you see areas where you may be unknowingly preventing yourself from surrendering to the type of relationship that is meaningful, fulfilling and lasting. She puts a special emphasis on cultivating vulnerability and trust and understands how dating is different at different stages of life. If you are interested in learning how to better attract and recognize the right partner into your life, I highly recommend working with Nancy.

Delena Richeson

Nancy is phenomenal! She has helped me see how I was attracting negative people into my life and why I was attracted to men who would continually hurt me. She helped me see the patterns of my relationships.  She counseled me through the tough times of letting go of my past abuse and pain and pressing forward into a new, healthy future. She has been a mentor and a friend to me.

Her advice and counsel is always based in the Word of God. She has inspired me to become more than I thought I could ever be and she has showed me I am worth so much more than I have ever dreamed. She inspired me to keep pressing toward my goals even when I wanted to give up. I highly recommend Nancy Pina's right Relationship counseling services to everyone seeking help for their relationships. Her advice and guidance has changed my life for the better and I can not thank her enough!

Jennifer Penner

Nancy Pina is an exceptional relationship counselor because of her faith-based world view. The counseling that she gives is rooted in scripture and draws on her many years of experience in relationship coaching. The stories and revelations in her book were real eye openers as I saw myself in a lot of the situations she writes about. She is an angel on this earth. She is the reason that I was able to break free from a toxic relationship and give my life to Christ. 


I came to Nancy Pina as a non-believer and mixed up in a 2 year long relationship that I'm sure would have continued for years after, going nowhere but up and down. Through her counseling and encouragement I was able to hold tight to Christian values and develop a strong faith that God would bring the man of my dreams into my life. It wasn't easy and I had a lot of work to do on myself, my mindset, and personal beliefs. She was there with me the whole way reminding me that God 's plans for my life are filled with hope.

Happily married clients

Because of her, finding the right man was no longer my focus: strengthening my walk with the Lord and overcoming the lies I believed about myself became my goal. She never candy-coated her words or told me what I wanted to hear, she told me the truth and what I needed to hear. Over time I came to find out just how seriously she takes her calling from God; she will answer to Him when all is said and done and this responsibility remains at the forefront of her counseling.

I am now happily married to the man of my dreams. I can honestly say that if I had not gone through everything I had, and done the work to get through it all, I would not have been able to recognize God's best for me. I thank God every day for Nancy Pina, my angel on this earth.

Jane Humphrey

Growing up in an Asian family, I learned quickly that my life was supposed to always revolve around good grades and success. Since my parents grew up poor, they tried to influence us kids to be successful and to eventually also marry someone who was successful. This put a lot of stress on me as I didn't want to disappoint my parents. After all, we were lucky to be here and I was the lucky one to have been born in the US.

I got married after graduate school to someone I knew while I went to college. The first few years went by well or some thought, then everything began to slowly pile up. Soon, I began to question who I was, who my husband was, and what I wanted out of our marriage. Growing up in a very strict Asian household, I was always told to bring home A+ grades and felt bad if I didn't measure up to their standards. My parents loved us kids very much, but there were so many unrealistic expectations from them for my life. Not surprisingly, I soon divorced.


During this time I got involved quickly in an abusive relationship. I was led to believe I was a bad person and that I wasn't worth anything. Somehow I remained in this devastating relationship for some time because I thought to myself, "I'm divorced; I'm damaged goods; and who would want to marry me?"

Happily married clients

You can learn about God and His ways from the bible and prayers, but you can also learn from the Godly people He gives you. Nancy was sent by God to help teach me about having the right relationship with the husband God had in store for me. Nancy helped me let go of some of the baggage I was carrying from my youth and past marriage that could potentially harm or sabotage my future. That process helped me get ready to meet my husband to be: Michael Humphrey.

On the Saturday he proposed, Michael planned a wonderful day out some with good friends at the lake. Michael usually takes me on the lake for an evening cruise and this was looking like a normal night for us...Michael and I, the boat, the lake, and Shiner his huge yellow Lab.


It was after 8 p.m. now and Michael had anchored us near the bridge. During our first date Michael took me on a tour of the lake and then tried to get us dinner at a restaurant but it had closed early. So, we learned a lot about each other by being anchored for hours near this bridge eating four flavors of homemade ice cream that he had made. Guess you could say he held me captive!


Michael had not made the ice cream again for me until this Saturday. He got on his knees in the boat and proceeded to feed me three kinds of ice cream. This whole time Michael was on his knees, wearing a very nice shirt to go wakeboarding in and playing songs about love, marriage and putting a ring on my finger on his stereo.


Michael then told me to try a fourth flavor that he had never made before and I was a bit perplexed. There was a cup with paper on the inside of this ice cream cup and I couldn’t understand why it was in there. He kept asking me what it was and I kept repeating that it was a cup within a cup and asking him why it was there! Finally, the poor man had to flick the ring and I finally saw the shiny diamond ring.

Well, I will be honest and share that I was crying and embarrassed that I did not put all of these wonderful things together. Michael then asked me to marry him, after all he was still on his knees on the floor of his boat! And I said, "Of course I´ll marry you!"


Michael is truly a gift from heaven. Never have I been so happy and complete in my life. We can't believe we have each other for spouses as love each other so much! Working through my past truly helped my journey to being a Godly wife all the more special and worthwhile.

Ori Ogebe-Sheriff

I had been in a relationship that I knew was not God’s best for me but had a hard time letting it end. I had many distorted beliefs about myself and finding true love due to past abusive relationships and negative experiences with men.


Through Nancy's counsel, I was able to identify those errors and see myself through God’s eyes. I wrote a list of what my God given mate would look like and began to have faith (though shaky at times), that God would bring him into my life someday. It was not instant.


Shortly after my sessions, I had to move back to Ohio for a new job. I continued to trust God to break old habits and develop the character he wanted me to have before I would meet the man He had for me.


About 3 years after I met Nancy at the relationship seminar, I met a young man, Molley, who fit the description of the list I had written years back.

Happily married clients

It all started over some "goat peppersoup" at the church picnic in the summer of 2010. In most African parties, it is well know that this delicacy; peppersoup goes faster than the other dishes. With great planning, I stood in line to get the soup. Alas, when it got to my turn it was finished!


With a never say die attitude, I investigated and found out that a young man called Molley had cooked it. I went over and teased him about how the goat soup was finished and I was not really sure how really good it was anyway. Molley then presented me with a bowl of the soup he had kept for himself. It was really tasty and I was impressed! Who said the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach? Shortly after that, in the fall of the same year, there was a joint service where people were asked to dress up as biblical characters. I came dressed as Ruth and unbeknownst to me, Molley had been named Boaz by his friend, James.


Before the service, Molley was greeting "everyone" with a hug and when he hugged me, his pendant got hooked in my scarf! It was a little awkward and romantic as we tried to untangle it! From then on, our good friend James began to tease us as Boaz and Ruth.

And James (bless his sweetheart) took it upon himself to make sure we went on a date.


As time went by, we dated more and began to discover that we had similar goals and objectives in life-most of all, the passion that burns in us to be in right standing with our Savior Jesus Christ. By December 2010, I had already made plans to move from Ohio to Texas again! But my plans were divinely interrupted to keep me in Ohio until June 2011. And that allowed us to get to know each other a lot better.


The proposal was very simple but romantic.


After a long day of helping me with cooking and packing boxes, Molley asked me to come to the car to see something, he told me how glad he was that we had met and how I meant so much to him, then he popped the question! I was shocked and we all know what my answer was! We got engaged and got married about a year later.


Truly our God is good and has a great plan for each of us.

April Winslow

I grew up in a house with my younger brother, David, and both parents. When my brother turned 18, our parents divorced. It was a battle for 7 years until finally a judge decided everything. My brother has learning disabilities and we pretty much raised ourselves because Mom was too busy defending herself against Dad ... and Dad was too busy controlling Mom. I moved out at 16 and rushed into one relationship after another. I've been divorced twice. My first husband was similar to my Dad in his temper and controlling personality. My second husband was both similar in behavior and looks. I realized how close my husbands were to my Dad through your online course where I evaluated my last three relationships. That brought a lot out for me to see.


Before their divorce, I have happy memories of growing up on the family farm. My Mom was a stay-at-home mom and my Dad was partner in the family dairy farm. I can remember playing in the barn with the animals and running around the big farm house.

Happily married clients

Things changed when Dad was in a collision and suffered from head trauma. It was a long road to recovery and after that our "normal" was never the same. After trying to go back to work and struggling to function, Dad became very short tempered and violent towards me. I can remember when Dad would get home, we were told to "be good because your father is home." We then tiptoed around everything. I was 10 years old and my brother David was 6 years old. At this point, we started raising ourselves. I took David under my wing at home and school and went to work at 14.


During this turmoil, Dad and I did not get along. I tried to get close to him by being an "A" student and working hard. He was very sarcastic and controlling. When we were in public we had to pretend we were the perfect family. Dad was so supportive in public but at home never got involved with what we did. I also became really tough towards him and was the only one he was physically abused. I don't remember him touching Mom, but he mentally abused her to the point of breaking. He was so critical of everything. I started hating him. Dad spent money on whatever he wanted, which included planes. We lived like we were poor while he had toys. I was tired of the games and it started to come out. We became more and more distant.


The last time I saw my Dad I had gone home for the funeral of a close family friend. My friends shared with me how precious time is and you never know when your time here on earth is done. My Dad just happened to call them asking for help moving an airplane engine at that moment. So they asked me if I wanted to go along. Not only did I go along I offered to drive.

When I pulled in the driveway of the house I grew up in, it brought back a lot of good and bad memories. My Dad came out and when he realized it was me he didn't know what to do. I really surprised him. We talked for a few minutes in the driveway as a group about how I was doing. When it was time to leave, I gave my Dad a hug and told him that I loved him. He returned the hug and said, "I love you, too."

A friend talked me into putting a profile together on a free website and I was honest about myself and how important my faith in God is to me. Brad was the only person that I talked to online. We just clicked. We have been together for 2 years next month. He’s my best friend! He had never ridden a horse before meeting me and he rides with me now. We love it! We camp with the dogs and horses for vacation and love spending time together with the animals outdoors. My family loves him and he has joined my church. He’s the first man that I have ever been in a relationship with that I could pray with.


Nancy, thank you so much for helping me to find my way home. This journey has been very painful at times but your support and guidance have truly helped me get to where I am today. You have helped bring the Lord into my life and since then life has become so much more.

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