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Why Faith Based Counseling Can Help You

Congratulations on your decision to start this journey toward emotionally and spiritually healthy love. It is my passion to help as many people as possible achieve success in all relationships: in love, with family members and friendships, deepening those connections which make life meaningful and content.

I have countless clients who had pursued traditional, psychological therapy with results that did not lead them to lasting resolutions and good relationships. Understanding the why of your behaviors in relationships is not enough: the solutions that allow transformation to core problems and challenges from your formative years or past troubled relationships can only be achieved through faith based counseling.

My goal is to provide biblical, licensed counseling to individuals, couples and families that will bring true and lasting healing from whatever circumstance that hinders relationships.

It is important to remember that conflicts in one area of life do overflow to other realms such as the workplace, friendships and family ties, so our sessions will additionally give you the tools necessary to manage those challenges and bring great improvement to those important relationships.

My unique step-by-step process of Revelation, Restoration, Right Relationship will bring healing and balance to your life so you can experience fulfillment in all types of relationships.

If you are like many of my clients, you appreciate the value of personalized coaching and counseling. Sessions are generally conducted in person or by video chat in one hour sessions.

Together, we can create a proactive plan to reach the life, relationship and career goals you have in your heart.

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Nancy graduated Summa Cum Laude from Northwestern Theological Seminary, receiving a Bachelor of Theology in Christian Counseling. Nancy also holds a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling from Colorado Theological Seminary, graduating Summa Cum Laude.


Nancy is a Professional Clinical Member of The National Christian Counselors Association and a Licensed Christian Counselor.

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