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Workplace Counseling 

Are you struggling with work-related stress or personal issues that tend to show up in your interactions with your colleagues? 

I help individuals not only with their personal relationships but also with a variety of life, work and relational challenges that stem from those circumstances. Over the years, I have counseled many clients regarding their career direction and can help you to achieve the career and life goals you desire to attain. 

I strongly believe it is a great asset to understand particular interpersonal reactions and actions, not only in personal relationships but also in the workplace. Once you have a better understanding to the dynamic you bring to work and your interactions with others, the better you can see why challenges arise and then learn how to best respond. 

In our counseling sessions, we discuss the challenges you are facing in the workplace and the steps you can take to best work through those situations. These problems can affect your work performance over time and elevate tension with coworkers and managers.


While job-related issues, including  overwork and difficult colleagues can directly impact performance, personal issues can have a similar and more often greater negative impact. Experiences such as bereavement and loss, anxiety, relationship, marriage and family difficulties can all preoccupy and dominate your thinking to the point of noticeable distraction at work.

In our sessions, we discuss effective solutions to your challenges, develop more effective ways of coping with life, resolve relationship and other interpersonal challenges, improve conflict resolution skills and communication abilities. 

Resume Services

Because of my work with a variety of people in a wide range of fields, I also offer a resume service in which I update your resume with very successful results. A well-written, professional resume is an absolute must in today’s competitive job market. Whether you have a resume that needs updating or you don’t have a resume and need one written for you, I can help.  Regardless of your experience level, I have found that many people are unsure about what to include in their resume and what potential employers are searching for to fill available positions.

Because I received numerous requests for work related counseling outside of my main counseling work over the years, I decided to offer this resource to anyone who is looking for an updated, professionally edited resume for a reasonable price. 

It has been my experience that most people need help composing a resume that highlights their achievements, skills and talents and most importantly, articulates the value they will bring to an organization.

Regardless of your current position, I am skilled at asking you the right questions about your work experience and composing a resume that will result in the opening you need for the next step in your career.

I offer this service to anyone looking to enter the job market: from new graduates to seasoned professionals. I completely understand the struggle of finding the right fit in your chosen career and the desire to attain a rewarding and fulfilling position that also provides the needed time to nurture your relationships.


Like in relationships, first impressions do matter!


Once I have finished your newly updated resume, you will see your accomplishments displayed in a clear format, ready for the next step in your career!

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