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True Confidentiality

Have you come to the realization that the direction of your life must change?


Taking this first step by reaching out for help is a major turning point toward the desired transformation you seek and reaching your relationship goals. I not only understand the challenges you are facing in your relationships, marriage, family connections or workplace situations, but also will provide sound biblical advice with doable steps resulting in beneficial, lasting changes.


The reason I chose to become a Christian biblical counselor originated from my extensive work with singles who were looking for marriage and had little success achieving that goal. I saw that most often, people would focus primarily on superficial criteria instead of the character traits that are essential for lasting love. As a result, I sought to help people through counseling that is based on the Word of God as a guide and the methodology. I have numerous clients who have been in traditional therapy for years and did not see their lives changed until they tried biblical counseling. I believe the reason for the lack of change is the model of psychology focuses the individual inwardly instead of leading clients outwardly toward the Word of God, resulting in a spiritual transformation.

With that introduction, there comes the question, “How should I pay for the counseling I know I need?” 


Many people take into consideration whether or not a counselor accepts insurance. For many potential clients I talk to, this can be one of the deciding factors. However, the process of choosing a good counselor or therapist who is a great fit for you is not exactly the same as choosing a medical doctor to help you with a physical ailment. 


In my practice, I do not take insurance and let me explain why. First of all, I believe the biggest downside for using insurance to pay for relationship counseling is the lack of confidentiality. It is an assumption that what you discuss in counseling sessions stays confidential. Licensed counselors and therapists who take insurance are required to provide your diagnosis and treatment notes to your insurance company for payment. To me, this practice undermines the basic premise of relationship and marriage counseling and gives more people access to your private information. When you sign those HIPPA documents that no one really reads, you are consenting to the sharing of what you reveal in your sessions. Quite the revelation, isn’t it?  


Secondly, when counselors or therapists take your insurance for payment, they are required to use treatment methods that are covered by your plan. They have less say in how to treat you based on your specific and individual needs. It is the people who work in your insurance company who decide which methods of counseling can be used. So basically, a person who has not met you or made an assessment of your situation is responsible for the direction of your counseling. In my opinion, that undermines the whole process of helping you.

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Tangible Results

What I’ve seen in my practice is a higher commitment to actually doing the work I assign, a tendency toward taking the process seriously and seeing quicker results overall to reach solutions to relationship challenges.


I am looking forward to helping you make the necessary changes in your relationships, in your marriage and in your spiritual growth that will lead to a truly fulfilling, loving and God-honoring relationship.

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