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Workplace Counseling Solutions

In our fast-paced, stressful world, it’s not unusual for an organization to have employees struggling with workplace-related stress or personal issues. These problems can affect an employee’s work performance through lowered productivity levels, increased absenteeism and tense relationships with coworkers and managers. While job-related issues, including  overwork and difficult colleagues can directly impact an employee’s performance, personal issues can have a similar and more often greater negative impact. Experiences such as bereavement and loss, anxiety, relationship, marriage and family difficulties can all preoccupy and dominate an employee's thinking to the point of noticeable distraction at work. One primary result of these unresolved challenges is a loss of job performance.

Workplace Counseling is one effective solution to offer employees, which includes both in-person counseling, telephone or video-based counseling services. Because workplace counseling is short-term, the focus of the counseling sessions is on problem-solving. 

I help clients implement solutions to their challenges, develop more effective ways of coping with life, resolve relationship and other interpersonal challenges, improve conflict resolution skills and communication abilities. Not only will Workplace Counseling impact employee lives positively, but also gives employers tangible workplace improvements from these changed employee behaviors and improved interpersonal skills.

Employer Benefits

Workplace Studies Highlights

  • 2012 study examined the outcome of over 28,000 participants in workplace counseling. Results revealed 70% improvement. 

  • 2012 Cambridge University study showed time-limited counseling on distressed clients is positive. Evidence drawn from a large treatment group suggested that such counseling leads to an increased sense of well being. 

  • Workplace Counseling study found “significant improvements on most attitude-to-work factors: opportunity for control, skill use, job demand, clarity, feeling valued, interpersonal contact, competence, work spill-over, adequacy of pay and job satisfaction.”​

Employee Benefits

  • Increased employee performance/productivity gains

  • Decreased employee absenteeism/turnover rates

  • Productive way to handle sensitive situations

  • Reputation as an employer that cares about staff

  • Enhanced people management skills for managers

  • Improved, functional workplace relationships

  • Easy access, flexible hours to discuss problems

  • Improved life coping skills

  • Increased conflict resolution and communication skills

  • Effective solutions to a variety of life challenges

  • Improved work/life outlook

  • Complete confidentiality 

Contact Nancy Pina to discuss your particular workplace needs.


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