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Faith that Binds Lasting Love

Diversity in faith does not lead to harmony in love.

Shared faith is the most important foundation of your relationship and should be the primary factor you explore during the dating stage. You can eliminate much heartbreak by discussing this crucial topic upfront instead of waiting until you are deeply and emotionally involved. Recent research concludes that interfaith marriage rate is 42% in the U.S. The findings also reveal the growing number of interfaith couples are unaware of what they will face with these polar spiritual views. They marry without thinking through the practical implications of their religious differences. Their rationalization leads to the assumption that because the loved one is a decent individual, they will not experience difficulties being married to someone of another faith. When it is your marriage, tolerance in faith will not make for a happier and easier relationship.

Mutual faith in love leads to true fulfillment
Shared faith is key to lasting love

Why should shared faith be the first quality a single woman looks for in a man?

Similar life outlook. The benefits include a similar fundamentals of life priorities and goals, morals and values to build a friendship and create strong intimacy within the relationship. With shared faith, you will have a common focus in your spirituality, which generally leads to mutual growth and understanding. Conversion is unnecessary. Another main benefit includes the absence of the pressure to convert your significant other. It can be difficult to maintain your faith if your future spouse is uninterested or non-supportive. The temptation would be to compromise standards for the sake of keeping relationship peace.

What are the challenges of dating someone outside your beliefs?

Raising Children. While challenges may be minimal during dating, they will expand as the relationship progresses toward commitment and marriage. Within marriage, the main issue will arise after a child is born because each person will want to teach their particular doctrine. Raising children with two different faiths leads to confusion. The child does not know if Mom's truth is right or if Dad's truth is right. Unfortunately, children can reject both belief systems and become agnostic or even atheist. Family Traditions. Another ongoing strain centers on family traditions and celebrations as those do provide a sense of unity.

How does faith enhance a long term relationship?

Life anchor. Harmony in faith as a couple provides an anchor for your shared life. When a crisis or tragedy occurs, encouragement from your significant other can provide a reminder of the hope available through your shared faith. Solidifies bond. Additionally, the closeness within the relationship increases as you share spiritual growth with one another. Without that connection, faith becomes a topic the couple avoids, leading to loneliness. A spouse who is unconnected with you spiritually robs your relationship of that oneness.

Do not minimize your spiritual growth and its vitalness in your life. There is nothing wrong with maintaining your standards and beliefs in the dating process and making shared faith the top priority. With the right person, you will be able to build on a solid foundation which can then can be taught to the next generation.

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